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12+ Years of Experience in digital product design.


Years of experience in digital product design.

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User Interface & User Experience

Apps & Websites designed and developed to serve their business purpose keeping their users in mind. I have worked on hundred+ projects since 2007. The more experienced I got, the larger the projects became. Here are a few of my favorite ones. Designing the experience strategy & then seeing the app or website thriving in the market gives me happiness.

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Digital Product

What is UX

UX is what your user/client experiences from the moment they set their eyes on your product to post sales- when they continue experiencing it. “UX Design” is designing the whole experience. That’s the simplest way of explaining it. And it’s my job to create these experiences for users of digital products.

Your digital product should work the way if it were a physical product. UX (User Experience) is not the design. It’s “how” the design works. Right after the launch of your MVP ask start taking feedback from the actual clients. Always ask yourself, “how will it help to reduce my client’s pain” before launching any new feature.


Startups need to launch their MVP as soon as possible, see how users interact with it, get feedback from the actual users and design the UX of the product. After 6 months do that again. Launch-Take Feedback-Improve-Repeat.

68.4% of US has been using smartphone till 2017. Your website or app has to be mobile friendly. Exactly like this website.

My approach to holistic marketing is anchored around the most important stakeholder – your customer. The most effective UX designed website and online marketing is human-centric and is able to personalize the digital experience for your customers.

Digital Product

UX Design Methodology

User behavior or the way your customer will interact with your product will change every year. This happens due to frequent technological updates. Initially we change technology to make our lives easier and then technology changes us so that we can walk hand in hand with the available tech.

My procedure is quite simple. First, I learn about the vision of the company I’m working with. Then do my research to understand their specific customer behavior. And finally, after acquiring all the relevant information, get started with designing the product.


60% of your customers will gain more trust in your business because of the "unique content" we structure for you that is clear, organized and easy to find.

These details serve as a guideline for wire framing, page elements, high level

For instance, suppose you have a physical business. I will try to figure out the 10 steps of your product’s physical experience and automate 6 of those steps so that the new digital product works. The product has to add enough value to the customer either in terms of money or time management. Achieve either of those and you will have a great digital product. And of course, 10+ years of working with clients from US, UK, Australia & Bangladesh gave me enough knowledge to do it right.