Quick Tips on how to get more leads online

A few things you can do to increase your lead conversion rate to get more clients for your retail shop website or eCommerce:

  1. Get a chat box. That has worked best for my previous clients. I recommend you use https://www.intercom.com/
  2. Add a Pop up after 10 seconds giving you some offers
  3. When you try to book an appointment, show what is must to fill up in that long form with ** signs. When I filled up the form it was giving me instructions after I pressed submit
  4. Create thought leadership: Give something to download for free so that you can get their emails. E.G Read this blog to see how to keep your eyes clean. o r Cant keep your optics clean? This will help you clean it.
  5. Right after they land it saws, book appointment. But also tell them for what.
  6. If you are from 1955. Say that on the home page. That will add value.
  7. Add all the locations you are available in.

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