5 Part Time Job Opportunities for Everyone Living in Dhaka

Hey there! Today I am going to tell you about top 5 part time job opportunities that anyone living in Dhaka can opt for.

Often times we are looking for some extra cash in exchange for minimum effort or just want to lead an autonomous life where we do not have to sit in an office all day and can work on our own terms…. If you fit that description, this article is for you!

So let’s jump straight in!

1. Writing

See this blog post? Someone just made a few extra bucks by writing this post and you can too!

There are numerous blogs, newspapers and magazines looking for writers with a good command over English and Bengali language and a knack for storytelling.

Even if you do not have the creative flair to create fictional content, writing jobs also include analytical data driven pieces perfect for the factual framework minded people.

part time writing jobs in Dhaka
Part time writing jobs

Writing job opportunities do not stop here.

Every marketing agency needs copy writers for the hundreds of posts they upload on social media each day. So if you are good with those Instagram captions be ready to cash in on that skill!

You can also start your own blog and write whatever content fits your style. Be it lifestyle, fashion, pop-culture or travel, you can create a money multiplier for every word you put on the internet!

So if you are good with words, get typing!

2. Rider

Do you know how to drive a car or ride a bike? If the answer is yes, then the recent burst of ride-sharing and food delivery start-ups have the perfect income opportunity for you!

If you are looking to work on your own time and convenience then be sure to check out the food delivery opportunities at Pathao, Hungry Naki, Foodpanda and UberEats.

Bike riders sharing rides in Dhaka
Bike riders sharing rides in Dhaka

But if you feel that you will get too hungry from delivering food then you can always opt for moving passengers instead!

A quick drop off on your way to or back from work can bring a steady inflow to your wallet each day.

Plus it is super convenient as you get to decide the hours you want to work and can clock out any time.

3. Call center executive

This job is perfect for people who like to talk!

If you do not have a problem talking on the phone for long periods of time, then you should definitely consider taking up a part time job at a call center.

There are so many call centers all over Bangladesh and with global outsourcing increasing daily, the industry is only growing each day.

Call center jobs are more routine and involve you contributing a chunk (a good 5/6 hours or more) of your time in an office environment.

The job is like any sales job but the interaction happens over the phone.

call center and customer service people in office
call center and customer service people in office

A call center executive typically has to obtain client information by answering telephone calls; interview clients, verify information, Inform clients by explaining procedures and answer questions, or provide information pertaining to any issues the client may be facing.

While the job is a little tedious and time consuming, it is perfect for people with service orientation and good people skills.

So if you are a passionate warm social individual be sure to apply to the next opening at a call center!

4. Teaching

Remember O’Levels / SSC days? I remember I used to go to tuition classes from mid-day to evening and at the end of the month my mother would hand me a big bundle of cash which I had to distribute among the teachers as fees.

But now that you are all grown up, you can be at the receiving end of that bundle of cash!

Simply keep an eye on the many tuition provider groups on Facebook or maintain a liaison with a tuition provider agency. They will match you with students in your preferred area of teaching and work days.

There are also many coaching centers where you can take up a job as a teacher. If you  have taken the IELTS or SAT exam, be sure to apply at coaching centers like Mentors, Saifurs etc for the position of an IELTS/ SAT instructor.

Private tuition in Dhaka
Private tuition in Dhaka

You can also leverage a skill you may have like coding, digital marketing, knowledge of special software like R, Python, SPPS and launch a structured course to teach that skill.

If you get a good response you can also digitize your course and offer it on a platform like Udemy and create a stream of passive income every time someone enrolls in your course while you sit back and enjoy your bank account growing.

5. Freelancing

Do you have an in-demand skill like coding, digital marketing, data analysis, graphic designing or photography?

If the answer is yes, you have numerous opportunities to work as a freelancer all around you.

Why freelancing?

Freelancing is great for people who do not want to be bogged down into a routine and want to have control over their lives. It gives you autonomy and the chance to make a living out of something you are truly passionate about.

Freelancing jobs in Dhaka
Freelancing jobs in Dhaka

See the hundreds of pictures uploaded on social media and printed in magazines and newspapers…..do you know what they all have in common? A photographer.

If you can capture magic through a camera lens, then you should have absolutely no problem securing a job as a freelance photographer. Literally everything is driven by photos and videos now. Be it social media marketing, weddings or even just a photo-shoot for someone’s personal Instagram, photographers have a role everywhere.

The same is true for graphic designers. Talented and creative graphic designers are being sought after by every social media marketing agency. Those Facebook posts do not make themselves so if you can make them…..start freelancing as a designer now!

Similarly, if you know coding, analytics or digital marketing you can take up a job as a part time consultant. Almost all companies need these skills so there is not a shortage of work opportunities.

You can also explore international freelance work through platforms like UpWork, Fiverr and People Per Hour.

While it may be a little difficult to get a client flow at the start, it will get easier once you have developed a portfolio around your skill. Then the work just flows in and the money too!

Bonus best part time job!

We are always hiring part time employees ourselves. Be sure to look at the job listings at https://www.jobs.nazmulahmed.com/ . You may just find your perfect fit.

So what are you waiting for? Be sure to check out these job opportunities.

Which one do you think fits you the most?

Are you currently involved in any of these part time jobs?

How do you like it?

Please leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts!

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