Marketing Consulting

Need more customers? Let my long-term experience in inbound marketing solve it for you, step by step.

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Your startup is not feeling well. How about a doze of marketing?

  • Build the continuous process of sustainable marketing
  • Gain more control over your investments
  • Get sales pipeline filled with leads
  • Automate your startup using large-scale marketing tools

Why me? Listen to a Adnan Halim, Founder of

I learnt it the hard way. Your business growth will be easy now.

  • Complete Strategy with Execution: I go to all lengths to help your team bring the targeted result.
  • Data driven marketing: Findings. Statistics. Analytics. I suggest the best fit solutions.
  • Conversion Optimization: Let’s turn your visitors into customers, and customers into leads.
  • Certified Coaching: Inbound Marketer at your service. Trust Hubspot for trusting me.
  • A-Players Only: I’ll team up with you to build the marketing team you always wanted

Marketing Services​

From getting more customers to understanding marketing know-hows to installing the latest tools, I welcome all your problems with a handful of services to solve them one by one.

Marketing Strategy

A successful strategy can transform an impossible goal into a realistic one. I will lead your marketing and management teams on how to go from point A (current revenue) to point B (target revenue) by outlining the best solution basing on the industry you are in.

Lead Generation

It’s always good to keep getting customers. Generate more leads using your website or running marketing campaigns and creating sales funnels. Learn more about the number of channels you can work with to address your B2B or B2C clients.

Conversion Optimization

There’s a reason why step-by-step approaches work the best. Turn your prospects to leads and leads to customers by optimizing the conversion rate at each stage. At the very least, I can turn your visitor rate into double or triple depending on the business.

Marketing Automation

Why go manual when you can save time? Speed up your business by integrating different marketing softwares and channels to allow marketing automation. This also means two great things: increase in sales and decrease in customer acquisition cost.

Content Marketing

Don’t let your content go unnoticed by your prospects. I can help in creating and distributing content, decide which type of content best suits your business, suggest the right marketing channel for each as well as plan on building any necessary platforms

Marketing Team Building

Every startup has a dream marketing team that will constantly bring customers and hence revenue. I can assist in building that team by getting in touch with the HR and hiring the right people. This is the most popular demand of my 20 hour-consultation clients!


Knowing the rights from wrongs can improve things up a few notches! I am great at identifying those and analyzing your business performance for you! Some amazing tools I use for this service are Google Analytics, HotJar, Google Firebase, Crazy Egg, and so on.

Conversational Marketing

A great conversation can solve any problem – in the marketing world, that can even mean a 82% conversion! Let’s set up a website chat box, Messenger and any other medium of voice chat to converse with your customers and watch your sales talk back!

Paid Marketing

Looking for short term returns? Working with and paying third parties over channels like Facebook, Google and Youtube can serve your advertising needs immensely. Think of it as an introduction to outbound marketing!

Find a solution that fits you

Marketing Consulting Weekly Calendar

Ongoing offers every week over a convenient monthly retainership. Let’s meet and solve marketing problems for your business.


2 Hours

2,500 Tk / Hour

Perfect for early businesses. Weekly strategy and accountability to meet the marketing target of your business.

Fire Fighting

5 Hours

2,400 Tk / Hour (4% discount)

A good test-run of the service. Let’s pin-point one of your core needs and discuss the marketing tactic that can solve it the fastest.


10 Hours

2,200 Tk / Hour (12% discount)

Fixing a small, yet recurring problem can bring long-term results. Let’s prioritize on conversion optimization and lead generation.


20 Hours

2,100 Tk / Hour (16% discount)

Perfect for businesses who are in growth stage. Launch Inbound Marketing for your long term growth & get more Sales Qualified Leads.

6 out of 6 slots booked for June! Pre-book now for July.

Watch the video below if you are still confused about which one to choose.

Clients and Testimonials Don’t Lie

Don’t just take my word for it – my clients’ success stories are worth much more!

I didn’t even know I needed help with marketing. Took us a while to see the result but now we are rejecting clients because of overflow of leads.


Raisul Kabir

Founder & CEO, Brainstation 23

Featured Work

From setting up the Facebook banner to hiring the team, I do everything to help you grow your marketing and sales. That is exactly what I have been doing for the past 12 years. In the end it’s all about making your startup profitable. 

Nazmul Ahmed

Ex-CMO of 180+ employee company | Ex-CEO of a digital marketing company

I am a remote marketing consultant with a proven track record in sales and marketing. I have been working with startups for the last 12 years and I work diligently to learn how to get more customers. I even had my own startup for 3 years, which gives me the advantage of thinking like a founder. See my LinkedIn for my full work details.