Part of my interview at a SaaS based Startup

Here is a part of my interview. Can’t have the whole interview here as they needed the information for their one company.

Can you give us Portfolios of 3 designers you admire?

This guy is a very talented, has been doing this for 23 years & I met him in Austin at An Event Apart event. Current Google employee & Ex Yahoo.
His portfolio is just very diverse.
An amazing product designer who is part of Airbnb & flipboard design team.

What tools do you use in creating high fidelity designs? Photoshop? Sketch? HTML/CSS? Something else?

Photoshop to design & Marvel apps or Invision app for prototyping

Why have you work with SaaS based clients recently?

I got to work on complicated projects where there are multiple types of users. That makes it more interesting as they have to interact with each other.

Can you please describe a time when a project got ALL kinds of screwed up — what happened? Why did it fall apart?

It happened once when I forgot to mention exactly what the client is getting on a website project proposal. He kept asking for more and more stuff including unlimited revisions. I finished the project and gave his total money back. Didn’t want to deal with him anymore. That happened many years ago though.

Can you please tell us a project you managed or contributed to that went awesome — why did it go so well?

It went very well because all parties were very knowledgeable and the whole team follow the process & met deadlines. The client was very helpful with the design feedbacks as well. It was just a really good team effort.

Can you please take us through your process of designing MVP mobile app start to finish?

I start with an excel sheet and point out all the features we talked about, start designing of the main page. As most of the things are connected with the main page of the app I start from there and point out how the features will work. Thats what my clients see.

On my end I start making mockups either on my diary or photoshop & start the process of designing the app. Take feedback from you & then finish steps of the app. Take feedback, show the direction I m going & keep working on it.

Why would you be the consultant EVER to work with for any startup?

I had my own company & ran it for 3 years in Bangladesh and Austin Tx. You get a Founder’s perspective on any of my work.

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