Inside the mind of a badass CEO & how he closes sales in 10 minutes

This guy is awesome & owns 3 large companies. Let’s jump in right away. I promise you, you will love the end of the conversation. But do read the whole thing to get inside his mind.

How do you do your Business?

When I have a contract with somebody I am supposed to do my end of it, and you do yours. That’s what we do. The main points we agree on design and execute the project which has been specified from before in the contract. A lot of people deviate from that. The whole specification is not there. We execute it considering that we the service ourselves. The service is limited to that. We do not take any shortcuts in delivering the project. Whatever my experts will advise according to the law we will abide by that. The quality is not at all compromised with and we will deliver on time.

How do you explain your time commitment?

It is not possible to convince someone you deliver your product or service on time till you do it. We demonstrate a product that we had already completed on time. Also, always show the client that you are working. By the 3rd phase or 4th phase of delivering the project they already know we are serious about the time. One strategy is having everything always up on board. It is important to have a schedule. That’s another way of showing people that we do it on time. That helps a lot.

What if you delay on a large project?

We have the original schedule that never changes as a whole project life. We always have an answer. We might delay a few months but we will never disappear. We want a whole chart of the schedule, and maintain the years. For example, we did this in year one, then this in year two and this in year three.

How do you gain your customers’ trust?

““abc company”, founders, that looks fake too. They look like thieves.

I do not want to talk about it and be fake. We are not here to ask people to trust us and not make it. I don’t know how to convey the message that we are real. Now even when we talk about the “abc company”, founders, that looks fake too. They look like thieves. Im only convinced when I speak to you. What you write to me what credentials you have won’t work. It’s very negative in Asian country. Explain my business is this, my terms and conditions is this, we will deliver exactly this. Put the founder’s section in the website but not for to get trust on quality. Founder’s section now help in other purposes like taking a bank loan and proving my credibility.

3 words that represent your company?

3 Words like that mean nothing. We are trustworthy, we provide quality and we deliver it on time. Bla bla bla. We can’t say that cause then we will sound fake. But what I really wanna say is I take my time to design my own products. Even if we are not always producing the best we are certainly improving. I hope we will be accomplished company if we keep doing what we are, especially we are doing it early.

What value to you bring?

You see, the single thing customers are happy about is that we delivered our service on time. That none of their money was put into waste. Of course, there are petty disagreements about the at 1st but that is always the case since people think they know everything and forget how it’s complicated it is to design a product that works. I’m not concerned about the features because my features are standard and I know if you disagree with it you won’t go ahead with it.

Why are a good salesman/ CEO?

I am here for only ten minutes.

To get your perspective; We get to see what you are thinking. We can give that to the customers as well. We can list the things I want my customers to know. The client will be 80% convinced by the time he comes. I can only give minutes. Everyone should know that I am here for only ten minutes.

When the others are talking about me… my salespeople, they need to get more and more outlets so that people start inquiring about our product more than they do. When they check us out and call us, then my sales stuff will be this is the product, time and price. Which will be 10-20% higher than what we want to achieve. When they take a look at the product, we show them our previous case studies. We will show them the ongoing porjects. The customer is very educated by then. We want our salespeople to exaggerate a little about our products just to make them think we are doing something. Not to lie but to make them believe that we can do something.

How do you get your customer’s confidence?

The clients have to be intimidated by me.

Get the salespeople to do it. The clients have to be intimidated by me. They should know that we need to do business right then and there. The more time we spend the more it will get delayed. The sales team should give a very strong briefing to the client about my nature & sense of punctuality. They will come to me if they want any changes with the price.

If you have a volume of customers this system works infinitely better. My bargaining position isn’t very good at the moment, because the market is still very soft. But there will come a time when the market will go up and they will literally beg for the price I m giving now.

One thing companies should have on their website?

Videos – it will be nice to show the ongoing client works and show that we are working, good looking healthy people are working here. You are a company of 5 projects, but you can show that you are one of 50. Work going on in a professional manner, all organized unlike the other companies, we need to show the methodologies, charts and systems. Like when you go to their office, you need to believe that they person knows what they are doing.

Second video should be on how it will be like eventually. This is what we have got. How much sweat and blood we put into it. The first thing the customers need to know is what they will get.

Third one should be for the intimidating effect. If he anticipates it, which plays to our advantage because of the way it is handled. Ultimately the price that will be reached will be what they already know. Another good thing about this market is the customer already knows what they are doing. If the goes to the other companies he will use all the time he has in his hands and will eventually realize what the market price is. I wanna do a 4 hour meeting in 10mins Thats what you should want your videos to do for you. Need them to go on the youtube and vimeo and facebook account.

It was great speaking to you. (I didn’t thank him though & he replied)

You are welcome.

Interview & Content Courtesy: Maisha M. Hossain

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