Game Changing Marketing Technology for Real Estate Companies in 2019

Meet your most compelling sales tool. Bring products to your customers even before they meet you. Share your branded Virtual Reality experience of your factory, products, people and your promise with prospects to close the sale.

What is the technology of virtual reality?

VR for Real Estate

It is the use of computer modeling and simulation to enable a person to interact with a created environment that is sensitive to the user’s movement through the use of motion sensors.

The diversity of options from Oculus Rift devices to even cost-effective Cardboard viewers for mass viewing can be used to educate people of why it is worth working with a real estate company and how they strive every day to make their customers’ lives better.

These interactive videos can also be experienced on your websites, online marketing material on all devices.

What are the applications of virtual reality in your business?

The interactive virtual reality experience can immerse your prospect clients thousands of miles away into embedded videos with 360 tours that can explain:

  • The cutting-edge manufacturing finishing processes and tools used in your factories (if you have one)
  • FSC compliance certification enforcement and how a real estate company values the environment while creating world-class millwork
  • Commitment to the construction of green buildings and the skilled craftsmanship of your employees at a real estate company
  • Examples of the 194 projects that a real estate company has done in different categories to match the area of interest of the prospect

Save on Customer Acquisition Cost:

Annual investments to keep up with the changing needs of the furniture manufacturing industry and marketing costs can only be accounted for with faster closes in sales and increased number of sales. We know real estate company’s reputation in the market and the size of the projects that you can deliver.

In sales, we spend 80%  of our time building trust and educating the client about the possibilities that can be created for them. Conversion from paper to 3D CAD drawings and the use of BIM help the customer and we collaborate effectively after getting the project. However, there are incredible applications of the Virtual Reality technology that can be used to close the sale faster while explaining your value proposition, the point of differentiation and commitment to service with visuals that speak for themselves.  

The cost of customer acquisition would decrease by 30 – 40% due to less time and money spent in:

  • Training your salespeople
  • The growth of the sales team to increase revenue
  • Time needed in follow up with prospects
  • Accuracy in the delivery of a real estate company expertise in service and craftsmanship
  • Errors in understanding the needs of prospect clients
  • Explaining the process of engagement with your clients

The Possibilities Are Endless For You

The value propositions for your prospects that could be shared most effectively through interactive videos, 360 virtual tours, and educational narratives to tell the story of any real estate company. Imagine prospective museums, universities, hospitals, condominiums, stadiums and corporations each be left speechless if they could walk through a space similar to theirs, to see the detailing of your work, the size and scale of your projects and the level of craftsmanship that your real estate company has to offer. That would be the beginning and end of your sales pitch.

Having all your projects to choose from, interactive videos and stills can be strategically planned, scripted, shot and edited with custom narratives, would be a great competitive edge for your real estate company.

Benefits of Building Information Modeling technology use:

Imagine walking your prospects through the following processes to show the holistic impact of BIM

  • Showing the prefabrication process of building elements
  • Explaining the integration of design information not just to see where all the furniture and interiors fit in, but also capture valuable information for energy, AC and equipment placement
  • Storing of BIM to reduce client response time to maintenance issues for the lifetime of the building

Being an environmentally conscious Master of Architectural Woodwork:

Prospects would understand the rigor of daily operation required to uphold the FSC compliance certification (if you have one) better and value your commitment to the environment if they actually saw how the basic materials and wood are actually acquired by any real estate company.

Your commitment to client management:

Unless someone spent weeks at your factory, they would not be able to grasp your commitment to the process, efficiency and what it really takes to take their concepts to reality. Even the hardest unseen processes can be captured using VR technology to explain how the design, engineering, purchasing, production, delivery and installation is done behind the scenes with the number of people and man hours that it really takes to do it your way.

Commitment to the excellence of craftsmanship:

Capturing people at work in your factory floors, offices and Patella Industries Inc. in Quebec would show prospect clients globally what it really means to have you create their project for them.

Commitment to Precision of work:

Showcase the low-emission water-based finishing formula exclusive to your company and the robotic equipment for finishing work.

Show the impact that your company has had in the lives of all the employees, how they are trained to do the work and uphold your standard of excellence.

Who can help you get your Virtual Reality App?:

The above are suggestions that can be packaged separately, staggered, or done all in one roll out depending on your objectives and priorities. But who do I trust to do this professionally for you? Reality 23. I have personally worked with them for years & they have never let me down. They are here to help you spread the word faster about the market leader you are in your industry and inspire your prospects to work with you today. They also provide augmented reality services for companies like Toyota & Nissan.

They have demo apps on both android and iphone.

Need an intro?

Get in touch with them directly or I can make an email intro so that you can get a good up to 10% discount. 10% is a lot for these kinds of projects. Or just tell them the raferal code: NazmulTX

What do you think? Share your experience with a similar solution which helped your company before.

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