Explaining what I do Simon Sinek way – Why How What

Why (The famous I belive…)

I believe digital products should automate the process- to scale fast/ save time/ increase revenue.


“A good product will automatically sell”
— Said some guy who never sold a product.

Say I need the product you built, but how will he buy it from you, if he dosen’t even know that you exist. You can have the best product in the world but it wont sell if you dont have any existence in the market. Think about the reason why you are even on my website. You need to know what I do and why I do it. Its very simple. You can’t read my mind, so let me tell you what I do best and how I can help you. Keep reading. 🙂

Digital Product building:
“A good User Experience is like a joke. If you have to explain it to the user, its not good.”
Building a right digital product means an amazing user experience, before & after the sell. It should work the way if it was a physical product. UX is not the design. It’s how the design works. You can have good marketing but if the product isn’t that good, the marketing will only expose it & not sell it.

What/ Who?

I have had a tech startup for 3 years (Offices in US & Bangadesh), ran operations for a US based Destination Management Company in Bangladesh for 7 years and established a global network for youth Entrepreneurship development for Bangladeshis. All the skills that were used while working on these projects were learned through endless conversations with peer mentors and by listening to clients globally. I have also learned a lot through trial and error and mistakes. Now I’m a digital product enthusiast & consultant who is in love with the process of building businesses. I have worked small. And also have worked big. I helped designing user experience for a few well known startups. And have also worked to form corporate websites that gets an average 5.3 million visitors a day. For some cases, I even pitched to international platforms on behalf of them in order to raise funds. I also guide them to reach early adopters, and form the right team to scale, who then takes the project to the next level.

Want to know more about my work life so far? Check out my LinkedIn.

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