Ecommerce website branding without a single পয়সা

“I have a store.”, every time anyone says this, what comes to your mind?

Let me tell you what I instantly think about: an ecommerce website!

Ecommerce startups are becoming popular with high progression day by day. Not only startups but also traditional stores with multiple outlets are creating online stores these days. Therefore, ecommerce has become more competitive than ever.

How do you make sure that among all your competitors, your ecommerce website will bring the result of all the hard work you have put in it? And how do you make your ecommerce budget-friendly?

This, here, answers all your queries regarding creating a successful e-commerce with a low budget.

ecommerce branding
What is a Brand?

Understanding the Market Thoroughly

When launching any sort of startup, you should understand what your target market needs from you. You want to sell them what they want, right? Because that is the only reason they will buy from you.

Go to events that include your target market, read newspapers and magazines to gather more knowledge about your surroundings and keep an eye on the mass media sources. Collect as much information as you can and then analyze the data in order to understand the market you targeted.

Product Selection

After understanding the gap in need of your target market, select the product that your target market will buy from you. Select the product which has the benefits that fulfill the market’s desire.

Select your product carefully and advertise the benefits to your target market. Show them what they have been wanting all this time, they can get it from your product.

Niche Marketing

Suppose your product is very well known to some groups of people but you are not getting enough sales. Why? Because even though your product is well marketed, it is not marketed to a certain “niche”. A niche market is a small market segment who are segmented based on a particular product or service.

Niche Marketing
Niche Marketing

It is alright if you are not so well known among all the demographic segments. Being renowned only to your niche will make great sales for you. Make a niche and market your offerings to them first, every other group will know about you eventually.

So, go, find your niche market!

Reach the Right People

Niche is for a certain group of people with similar taste or interest. But what about a large number of other people? Do you forget about them? NO! Reach the right people using the right tools!

Use the right channels to reach the right people. While marketing your company on the social media platforms, present your startup with the color that the majority of your target group might prefer. For example, if your product is related to “sports”, make your social media accounts such that scream a lot of energy and enthusiasm. If your product is related to “beauty”, make your accounts sophisticated and glam.

While promoting your ecommerce website, make sure to select the right target age and gender. And retarget them again and again! Every time, you will get new leads for sure.

Budget-Friendly Campaigns

Tell me this, how do you engage more people? Campaigns, of course!

Select several budget-friendly campaigns and monitor them regularly. And these days, everything is available online. So make your campaigns online!  

Your campaigns can be solely focused on your product. Or your campaigns can be societal. Any societal issue can be addressed as long as it stays relevant to your product or service. Campaigns on the environment, social issues can bring great success for your company as well as for the betterment of society.

Brainstorm, and come up with more campaign ideas to engage your customers!

Stay Relevant

The last thing you want for your startup is it getting into slow recession. The recession might happen when you are not relevant in the market anymore.

Keep track of the trends. Follow what your target market likes. Make changes in your product/service according to the trends if you can. Market your strategies by following the trends. Your digital marketing process must be influenced by the trends happening around your surroundings for it to be a hit.

So always be on your toes, always stay relevant!

Launch with Shopify

Before launching and going live with your ecommerce website properly, test it with Shopify.

Shopify plans are very affordable. If you do not want to take a risk and invest in your startup from the beginning, create a store with Shopify. Launch and then, test, test, and test!

Why you should use Shopify?
Why you should use Shopify?

See how the tests work, and if your startup does well, then gradually build your own online store.

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