Cover letter that landed an investment

We were building a website builder in 2016. Here is the cover letter that helped us a lot. We tried to explain how we started, where we are & where we can go. Hope this will help you someway.

Envisioning the Future with Ennovision

Ennovision began with one man’s idea to change the face of web development in Bangladesh. In 2014, Najm, a user experience designer, found himself getting increasingly frustrated with a job he loved: the webspace in Bangladesh just didn’t hold the allure that he felt it should have.

So with Ennovision, he started off bringing the pizzazz that most websites lacked. Instead of focusing on utility, Najm wanted to concentrate on user experience. His idea was that the sole purpose of a website is to garner large numbers of visitors, but that businesses in Bangladesh were failing to convert those visitors into customers. User experience focused sites could and would change all that.

But about 40% of all businesses in Bangladesh were small businesses, most of whom had existed for less than two years, had under five employees and not enough cash flow to be able to afford a decent website. And with the digitization of the nation, an online presence was becoming more of a necessity as more than 70% of the customers in Bangladesh started feeling distrust toward businesses that weren’t “connected.” However, around 80% of the local businesses didn’t have any website, not even boring, unattractive ones.

That’s when Ennovision took up the challenge and shifted gears. Their goal: to ensure that every small business gets the website that they deserve and help them to reach more clients online. With that idea in mind, they created their website builder. This builder allows businesses to take control and make their websites in their own way. The builder has an easy to use interface that allows users to drag and drop sections, edit texts and upload images. Beautiful, user experience focused websites are now within everyone’s reach.

It’s been two and a half years since Ennovision started it’s journey, slogging through the ups and downs, changing websites in Bangladesh, starting from how it’s created to how it’s perceived. But this is just the beginning for them. The future is bright for digital Bangladesh, and Ennovision intends to continue to play a big role in it.


Out of all the businesses in Bangladesh, 40% of them are small businesses.

In 2014 small businesses grew by 12%. Next year, in 2015 they grew by 30%

Consumers are highly loyal to brands. Most Bangladeshi consumers—more than 80 percent in the case of durables— cite brand as a top factor that influences their buying decisions. Small businesses need to stablish brands & their online presence plays a huge role here.

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