SAAS: Drag & drop website builder for South Asian countries

From my previously owned company, we launched a website builder called (which is not live anymore as it needs expensive hosting to run). This web app was built for the South Asian market & our priority was loading speed and convenience. Building this web app taught me how complicated a SAAS based app can be. Interacting with users helped me get practicing on constant feedback and product improvement. We finally decided to close it down upon realizing how difficult it was to compete with Facebook pages.



6 months


  • Product Experience Design
  • User Interface for desktop & mobile
  • MVP marketing





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Multiple site management

Anyone can signup and manage unlimited free domain. To add any custom domain clients have to upgrade to Premium package.
landing page

Main Editing Panel

Text Editor

Experiments with text editor

Media management: upload & delete or edit.

Site publishing

Landing pages


MVP Launched and tested

Accelerator Graduation

What I have seen is when you work you go all in. That’s what I loved most about working with you. 

Mehdi Reza

Founder & CEO

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