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When I sat down to assess the previous website of Jaago, they decided to highlight on the most important aspect of the non-profit organisation: the connecting point of the sponsors and the children. Among the 1800 students who are gladly receiving their free education from Jaago, there is still an alarming number of 800 children who are yet to get a sponsor. The first part of their redesigning strategy was thus to highlight the “Sponsor a Child” campaign of Jaago on the homepage. The new design assured that the first segment the visitors would pause to worry over was the fact that “800 children” were still “unsponsored”, but more importantly, be glad to see the solution in yellow right beneath – the box saying “Sponsor a Child.”




  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface
  • Prototype,
  • Full Website Design & Development

The story of Jaago dates back to 2007, when the 21-year-old enthusiast Korvi Rakshand saw his dream of providing free education for underprivileged children come live in a room with a white board, a marker and a mat for the first 17 students. Over the past seven years, Jaago expanded to ventures such as the Jaago Sewing Centre, Volunteer for Bangladesh program, and schools that branched out to the remote locations of Gazipur, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Bandarban and so on. Jaago currently has over 14 schools, 1800 students and an abundance of “friends” who have always been there to support them in every way they could.

For any organization trying to make a mark in today’s fast-pacing world, having a pronounced website that represents the company’s core values, resources and engagement with the corporate world, works as a dynamic tool that channels the business forward. Non-profit organizations take this potential route as the most viable connection between them and their visitors to bring in funds and engage more people in the activities.

A foundation that reached such heights of success in this day and age consequently needed an online platform to become more accessible to people. Jaago had that too. Their previous website held all the information any user would be interested in – knowing more about them and the upcoming events as the most highlighted sections. The options to donate, sponsor or invite fundraisers, however, were not given much focus, and that is where the line needed to be drawn.

What Jaago was in need of, therefore, was a new design that focused on its sponsors and was built by keeping in mind the convenience of its users rather than making it a center for resources only. That is where Ennovision, a user experience company that builds visual branding through digital marketing, clear messaging and creative designing, came to their aid. Already a “friend” of Jaago, Ennovision was only glad to become a part of the noble journey and help them create a strong, friendly web presence that spoke to its donors.

Next, their upcoming events were given a huge space so that the interested volunteers and members could find out and as well as sign up for any. Jaago was given an event management system that included an automated calendar which helped them schedule and run their events at a much more organized manner. The information architecture was aligned to satisfy their visitors and informing them about the organization and their journey over the years. A number of sections titled “About,” “Impact” and “News & Events” were created to guide the users to the designated pages and engaging them accordingly.

Building on the user experience of a website is the core mission of Ennovision. Along with the aforementioned allocation of sections, Jaago’s site was made into a responsive one, i.e. it could be accessed from any device ranging from computers to laptops to mobiles.

As non-profit organizations are also always on the rise and requiring constant updating of their contents as they expand over time, they were also guided on how to conduct all processes of managing their contents – the text, pictures, videos and so on. If they still need any help from Ennovision, they are welcome to collaborate with them again and take up their web maintenance services post the launching of the site.

Thus, after weeks of hard-work and a whole lot of determination, the new website of Jaago has been launched, much to the pleasure of Ennovision and every other friend, supporter, member and well-wishers of them both.

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