Example on how to identify customers by asking the right question

Understand who your ideal customer is and what similarities they have. Define your customers with the following criteria:

Demographics – their age, gender, income, etc.

Age: 37- 60
Gender: M+F
Role: CEOs of companies
Company revenue: 10 million and up

Psychographics – their personality type, preferences, etc.
Personality type: These are entrepreneurs or C-suite execs who are the decision makers of their company and are looking to scale their company beyond.

Company personality:

Systems are broken in customer service but they want to automate and improve
They are looking to revamp their branding because they are about to launch new products
They want to relaunch their existing products or service
They need to focus their messaging as a company
There are 25 + employees in this company
The company is at least 7+ years old


Behavior – their similar likes and dislikes, sports, hobbies, etc.
They are technology driven as an organization
They seek fun thrilling experiences outdoors
They like to be outdoors
They engage in creative expressions of art or music
They travel to different countries at least 4 times a year
They sit on boards of at least 6-10 organizations
They are always looking for young dynamic companies or individuals to invest in and mentor
Locate Your Customers
Find the places your customers are attracted to, whether a physical location or a cyber space where they gather.

Where do they hang out?

They hang out at conferences & local meet ups
do volunteer work at local non profits
They go fundraising dinners and support causes
They attend a lot of private parties before or after major events in town like sxsw, ACL etc.
What do they read? Both online and offline? What do they search for online?
They read business articles on increasing productivity of their organization
They read about hard to reach destinations
They read about inspiring doers who work in under developed countries creating impact
They read about cutting edge methodology on how to improve their sales
They read about the latest trends in improving HR in their company
They read about spirituality and ways to finding higher purpose
They look for expensive toys, luxury accessories for their hobby like collecting vintage cars, boats etc

Understand Their Purchasing Process

Review the needs and benefits that make your customers purchase your product or service.

Where do they begin their research?

They are asking their friends at board meetings and social gatherings
They ask their companies that they are using as vendors or services for references

What is their problem or need?

They feel stagnant as a company
Their growth or revenue has plateaued
They lack new talent in their marketing dept or are not coming up with enough fresh ideas
They lack the bandwidth to execute creative ideas for increasing outreach
They are looking to expand their product line or services
They are looking for new markets and niches to serve
They don’t know how to engage with their prospects online

What are the benefits to finding a solution?

Increase revenue
Save Time
Reduce wastage of resources
Save money
More outreach
Renewed Brand loyalty
Better customer service
Stronger brand
Scalable growth of business
Bigger bang for the buck

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