4 Types of Videos Every Business Needs

Before we get down to list the types of videos your business needs, let us find out why your content marketing strategy should include any video in the first place.

For those who have been in this field for a while, the power of intriguing text that captures the viewer to read and digest all the words you have beautifully strung together for them is not unknown. What takes these words to the next level are the visuals. The use of the right colours, images and graphics will touch the right nerves if placed in the right spots on your site. What blends these together – the meaningful words and the interactive images – are the videos.

A video content therefore speaks much, much louder than the ones based on images and text only. Videos are your personal channel to feed information and engage your audience by directly addressing them and make them feel as if they are in conversation with you. The lively visuals and the alluring background music are elements that only draws the viewers closer to the content. This also means that people visiting your site will pause longer, that your search engine will identify a higher frequency among your visitors, that it will generate a lot more attention in the social networking sites.

Then what is it that is keeping companies from having their own videos? The question is no longer based on ‘why’ companies are not including videos or vlogs on their websites, but rather on the ‘what’s and ‘how’s. A lot of businesses around the world have long realized its importance and are eager to post their own ones soon, only they do not know where to start. They are unsure about the types of videos that work best, the elements each of them need, the length, the props, the materials – everything. They need the guidance on where to start and what to do next.

Product/ Services Video

Your product is the real reason why your customer has shown any interest in your business, and it is your responsibility to ensure that your introductory video leaves a lasting impression. Your product or service video will work as a commercial advertisement which will tell the target customers why they should purchase or receive your service and how it will benefit them. It is upto you to assign a representative who will speak of or visually demonstrate your product in a way that the viewer will trust him like a friend sharing his reviews. The product details, the pros and cons, what is it about it in particular that makes it the top in the market and answering the predicted questions of the customers should all be captured within the video.

Remember, your business is a corporate venture and your videos need to portray that too. It is essential that you have your shooting done with the aid of professionals who will shoot, edit and present it to perfectly reflect your brand elements.

Promotional Video About the Company

Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is more important than you think. Telling your clients why they should trust your services among the competition and listing them the key facts that distinguish your company and its products will all lead from there. What your customers need is a clear, educated guide telling them who to go to with all their problems, and the step-by-step procedure of how each and every one of them can be solved.

The video can be projected on the journey of the company, where the initial challenges and the success stories that followed could be shown. The promotional video differs from the product or service video as it more of an advertisement featuring the company as a whole, and solely responsible for defining your brand personality through the contents. This is why, in the case of promotional videos, the right kind of interesting visuals set against well-suited musical elements and a little bit of brilliant copywriting is a necessity for the brand.

Clients’ Testimonials

Till now, your clients have only been hearing your side of the story. You have told them who you are and what you do and how you do it, but who else can vouch for that?

Your success stories, featuring the clients who are satisfied with your service, are your next stop. Their valuable words will work wonders for you and before you know it people will know you better than ever. It is much more likely for your website visitors to click on the “Play” button when they see a renowned name speak of your company, as opposed to reading it as a paragraph on the same page. Therefore, a short video featuring a happy client sharing his experience of working with you will only lead to many more prospective clients line up at your office looking forward to receiving similar services.

Founder’s Story

There can be no better story of a company than knowing how it had all begun, and there can be no better storyteller than the founder himself to share the amazing experiences.

The founder’s story comes through as an agreeable conversation between the storyteller and the audience of the video, where the speaker not only introduces his company and himself but also reveals the ins and outs of the organization which only compels the viewer to watch more. Most companies make the mistake of focusing the script on only the company and their core missions and goals, often boring the audience with unwanted information. What the audience really want to know about is the wholesome journey that the inspiring founders took, starting right from the day the idea was first thought of till the day the watched it take shape, and the unheard behind the scene stories, and how they have reached the height they have today and where do they want to go from here.

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