12 things to keep in mind while planning your mobile 1st website

# 1 Save your mobile site with mindful UX

It’s not enough to design a responsive website for your mobile experience, can’t just shrink it all to fit the smartphone screen or other mobile devices. You have thought of what do your visitors NOT want to see on a smaller screen and really need to extract the moment they land on your mobile site. Design mindfully.

# 2 Interactive incentives on a mobile campaign

A mobile marketing campaign is very different from your usual campaign for your company or product! The kind of engagement and incentives that you would give your target audience for a mobile campaign would include downloadable coupons, videos that can be shared, “send in a photo of the use case of your product” and photo share on your mobile site and with their friends. It’s very different from desktop site activation.

# 3 Know the audience to figure out ad placement on mobile

Decide on the demographics of your target audience you are trying to reach. Are they mobile gamers, are they culinary app users, and are they Luminosity users? The point is to find platforms with the higher probability of finding the demographics of the people you are trying to reach and then giving them a relevant reason to engage with you.

#4 Track your traffic, where are your people really finding you?

Tracking is easy with the free-self service tool Google analytics. It shows the number of people who visited your mobile site, from which device and how often, where they live and how they found you. It even tells you which social media channels they are looking you’re up.

#5 Boost your mobile traffic by remembering to share your mobile sitemap!

Just like how you set up your initial Search engine optimization for your desktop site by submitting the sitemap, got to remember to do the same for the mobile site to increase SEO rankings!

#6 How will the new Google mobile update impact my business?

If your mobile site is not mobile friendly according to Google, it will no longer appear on searches made via mobile devices! That means you will lose all your traffic to your site!
We are just an email or call away to help you test your site and give you a quick quote for redesigning your mobile site to save you from the wrath of Google’s latest update that has been coined as “Mobilegeddon!”

#7 Buy time. Use a plugin for your WordPress to convert from desktop to mobile.

The popular plugins include WP Touch and Jetpack that will convert your desktop site to mobile with some level of control on customization. However, this is a bandaid fix my friend, while your site is being redesigned to comply with the Google mobile algorithms!

#8 To be or not to be Mobile.

Investing into a mobile URL vs directing traffic to a responsive version of your desktop site depends on how much bandwidth you have in creating and then continuing the levels of engagement with your audience. This could open up a whole new channel of revenue and an effective ground for testing and research for your products based on customer feedback.

#9 Grow your business through creative engagement with your audience

A separate URL for mobile gives you the freedom to create “addictive” features into your site to keep your customers coming back as opposed to the general rule of thumb of being “simple” 🙂

#10 Slam the popups on your mobile site or lose visibility online!

As tempting as it may be to have popups on a site, it can be annoying to constantly have to shut them to actually be able to engage with your mobile site. Give your audience space to breathe and remove the popups from the mobile version of engagement!

#11 NO shortcuts. Do it all over again!

Launching a mobile 1st site is just the beginning of the game. Just like how you would spend time on launching your product.

#12 Use video to go viral on mobile campaigns.

Do I really have to explain it?

Now go work!

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