A digital product consultant who is in love with the process of building businesses. I say, the future of UX (User Experience Design) is without UI (User Interface). But until that happens, let’s continue designing for screens! Specially for mobile.

I have worked small. And also have worked big. I helped designing user experience for a few well known startups. And have also worked to form corporate websites that gets an average 5.3 million visitors a day. Trust me. It’s just as hard as it sounds. (Or maybe even harder, Lol)

Sheba, Brainstation 23 and Service Chai are some of the startups I had pleasure of working with. My corporate clients are Prothom Alo, Olympic Industries, Keya Industries and a few more.

"Startups need to launch their MVP as soon as possible, see how users interact with it, get feedback from the actual users and design the UX of the product. After 6 months do that again. Launch-Take Feedback-Improve-Repeat."

— Najm (That's what my friends call me)

User behavior or the way your customer will interact with your product will change every year. This happens due to frequent technological updates. Initially we change technology to make our lives easier and then technology changes us so that we can walk hand in hand with the available tech.

My procedure is quite simple. First, I learn about the vision of the company I’m working with. Then do my research to understand their specific customer behavior. And finally, after acquiring all the relevant information, get started with designing the product.

For instance, suppose you have a physical business. I will try to figure out the 10 steps of your product’s physical experience and automate 6 of those steps so that the new digital product works. The product has to add enough value to the customer either in terms of money or time management. Achieve either of those and you will have a great digital product. And of course, 10+ years of working with clients from US, UK, Australia & Bangladesh gave me enough knowledge to do it right.

There are moments you can put into words and there are those you can't. Most of these amazing moments happened when I traveled. My work is same for me. That's how much I love what I do for living. I truly believe in the journey and not the destination & see what I m up to now a days, follow me on Instagram.

My path of unpaid works in my early years in whatever projects I could get my hands on have now provided all possible reasons to work on cutting edge projects that strive to make a difference and also provide the satisfaction of meaningful work in life. (Big words)

Here’s the thing, my one and only goal is to learn to run organizations that are the best at what they do. These days, the meaning can be interpreted as to help different companies launching their digital products.

I have had a tech startup for 3 years, ran operations for a US based Destination Management Company in Bangladesh for 7 years and established a global network for youth Entrepreneurship development for Bangladeshis. All the skills that were used while working on these projects were learned through endless conversations with peer mentors and by listening to clients globally. I have also learned a lot through trial and error and mistakes. Want to know more about my work life so far? Check out my LinkedIn.

"If you are still thinking about going Mobile, then you have already lost half of the battle. This is the era of Artificial Intelligence, AR and VR. Voice is already making a dent with Alexa & Google Voice. Interaction with your customer is not as simple as your website anymore. Start working on mobile now! Don't know how to? Let me help."

In November 2013, after working full-time for 7 years I decided to launch my own startup that will focus on creating high quality websites. We even launched a website builder where anyone can drag and drop blocks and build a website within hours for only 100 taka a month. But after running it for 3 years and after making a lot of 1st time entrepreneur mistakes, we decided to close it down. Ennovision Ltd & LLC is definitely one of the best things ever happened to me & I have fallen in love with the process of building businesses.What’s next? Well follow me on Instagram for that. ;)

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If it takes me more than 48 hours to get back to you it means I am travelling. Please don’t get mad. Promise I will get back to you.