Running a startup but not enough​ Customers?

Inbound Marketing can help your business grow better.

Running a startup but not enough​ Customers?​

Problems you have

  • It's been 1-2 years of your business & you still don't have a proper team for marketing growth
  • Low traffic to your website​, e-commerce or app
  • Visitors not converting into leads

Problems you have

inbound marketing with technology startups

Problem I want you to have

Raisul Kabir Founder and CEO of Brainstation 23

Problem I want you to have

We are even rejecting clients because of overflow of leads.


Raisul Kabir

Founder & CEO, Brainstation 23

Brainstation 23

How do I do it?

Inbound Marketing

I focus on making your startup 2020 proof. Using new marketing tactics like conversation marketing (Live chat & chat bots) & my 12+ years of experience to help you get more clients.

  • Lead Generation​
  • Marketing Automation
  • Analytics

Hi there! I m

Nazmul Ahmed

Ex-CMO of a 180+ employee company & Ex-CEO of a digital marketing company

I focus on making your startup 2020 proof. I use new marketing tactics like conversation marketing & my 12+ years of experience to help you get more clients.

HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certificate for Nazmul Ahmed
HubSpot Content Marketing Certificate for Nazmul Ahmed
Hubspot Social Media Certified Marketer
HubSpot Inbound Certificate for Nazmul Ahmed

Nazmul and his remote team took command of our inbound and took us to the next level.



Project Lead, Olympic Exports

Thank you for always allowing us to be closely involved with the entire process and teaching us the basics from time to time, which I believe to have helped us a great deal in our marketing strategies both now as well as in the near future.


Tena Lacy,

Austin Pro photo

You are a true extension of our marketing team, Never knew marketing can bring these many leads.


Craig David

CEO, Experience One World

A few clients I have worked with

JoBike, OpticTour (Texas, USA), Unique Asset Strategies (Chicago, USA), Jobike, Sheba, Brainstation 23, & Service Chai are some of the startups I had the pleasure of working with. My corporate clients include Prothom Alo, Olympic Industries, Keya Industries and a few more.

In this day and age, a website works like one’s identity to the world to show what they can do. Our previous website, which consisted of 1-2 pages with mostly information, was not very easy for its users to access and relate to. The new site that Nazmul created in its place made the donors feel that they were really visiting the place, pausing on the page to listen to the stories of the girls, and connecting with the organization on a personal level before making any monetary donations. Also, the prompt replies and timely work done by you   proved to be a very helpful & professional.


Poonam Alam

Hellenic International

The website fully representing the authenticity of the product it stands for. There are too many websites that either do not reflect the product according to it purposes, or end up over-reflecting it. The website Nazmul designed for Space rightly represented the bridge the serviced apartments was in need of.Also, it was convenient to work with you, whose supportive and collaborative work structure helped both my company  and me make any necessary changes to work the best possible results out. Highly recommendable to anyone looking to make their product website design & marketing.


Mr. Arman Haq

Director, Space Apartments

When Nazmul took the step to create Ajiyer’s brand, they based their designs on just these two things, building them their distinctive identity. We are glad to have a huge number of tourists from Japan, which also brought them support from the government to continue with their venture.


Alex Jones

Ajiyer Travel & Tourism

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