I believe digital products should automate your business- to save your cost or to increase profit.

Helping companies with launching & marketing large scale mobile apps or websites as their digital product.

Digital Product


Building a right digital product means an amazing user experience, before & after the sell. Digital products fail because sometime we design it around the latest technology. But to make it successful we need to design it around the people.


A good app is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it's not good.


Who designed apps for the mess

68.4% of US has been using smartphone till 2017. Your website or app has to be mobile friendly. Exactly like this website.

Your digital product should work the way if it were a physical product. UX (User Experience) is not the design. It’s “how” the design works. Right after the launch of your MVP ask start taking feedback from the actual clients. Always ask yourself, “how will it help to reduce my client’s pain” before launching any new feature. 

Digital Product

360 Marketing

From designing the right strategy, budgeting for the year, to building the right team; I do whatever it takes to take your business to the next level. I will help you figure out the TG, then designing and executing both inbound and outbound marketing.


A good product will automatically sell.


Who never sold a product

You can have the best product in the world but it wont sell if you don’t have any existence in the market. Now a days it’s the online market that matters most.

Think about the reason why you are even on my website. You need to know what I do and why I do it. Its very simple. You can’t read my mind, so let me tell you what I do best and how I can help you. That’s marketing.

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Digital Product Launching &

marketing Consultant

A digital product enthusiast & consultant who is in love with the process of building businesses.

As a consultant, I have worked small and also have worked big. I helped launching digital products for a few well known companies. All the skills that were used while working on these projects were learned through endless conversations with peer mentors and by listening to clients globally. I have also learned a lot through trial and error and mistakes.

Career Highlights:

  • CEO of a tech startup for 3 years (Offices in US & Bangadesh)
  • Country Manager of Tavel Logistics Company for 2 years. 7 years in total in that company
  • Established a global network for youth Entrepreneurship development for Bangladeshis
  • Attended International conferences in Singapore, US, UK, Italy & Germany

5.3 Million

Visitors a day

1st ever consulting project was to help the internal digital team designing the best user experience for the largest website of Bangladesh. As a news portal they have a lot of visitors coming in every day and we had to keep a lot of device screen in mind.

A few clients I have worked with

JoBike, OpticTour (Texas, USA), Unique Asset Strategies (Chicago, USA), Jobike, Sheba, Brainstation 23, & Service Chai are some of the startups I had the pleasure of working with. My corporate clients include Prothom Alo, Olympic Industries, Keya Industries and a few more.


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