Running a business but not enough customers?

Digital Marketing can help your business you better.

Running a business but not enough customers?

Problems you have

  • It's been 1-2 years of your business & you still don't have a proper team for marketing growth
  • Low traffic to your website​, e-commerce or app
  • Hardly any of your visitors get converted to customers

Problems you have

inbound marketing with technology startups

A problem I would like you to have

Raisul Kabir Founder and CEO of Brainstation 23

A problem I would like you to have

We are even rejecting clients because of overflow of leads.


Raisul Kabir

Founder & CEO, Brainstation 23

How do I do it?

With the right kind of Marketing

Everything you need to establish a sustainable growth. I’ll help you and your team grow traffic, convert leads, and fill up your sales funnel like never before.

  • Content Marketing
  • Lead Generation​
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Marketing Automation
digital marketing funnel for your business by Nazmul Ahmed

Hi there! I am

Nazmul Ahmed (Najm)

Ex-CMO of a 220+ employee company & Ex-CEO of a digital marketing company

Currently representing four 200+ companies & two startups. I focus on making your startup 2020-proof. I use new tactics like conversation marketing & my 12+ years of experience to help you get more clients. Managing accounts from the Netherlands, Bangladesh, UK & US.

HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certificate for Nazmul Ahmed
HubSpot Content Marketing Certificate for Nazmul Ahmed
Hubspot Social Media Certified Marketer

It's not just a service, it's my promise.

Like your business, my success lies in the number of happy clients who are willing to vouch for me.

Your business will grow

If you can manage your customer flow.

Digital Marketing for startups & enterprises.